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Company Profile

RICH COLOR is the leading Paper & Plastic Card Printer in China

Guangzhou Rich Color Printing is an international paper and plastic card printing wholesale and manufacturer of excellent promo products. Rich Color sticks to running private-ownd printing business based in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Since the planned inception in 2005, Rich Color has become one of China’s leading manufacturers of both plastic and paper card printing. The skilled staff and high-tech equipment allows Rich Color to create most types of products with a sea of various printing, customization and post-press finishing options.

Paper & Plastic Card Printing Wholesale With RICH COLOR

Rich Color extends its capability into the wide field of scratch cards or variable data cards, particularly like prepaid phone card, peel-to-win card, internet calling card, gift card, membership card, magnetic stripe card and other customized cards. Rich Color kepps a monthly output of 60 - 80 million pieces of both paper and plastic cards. Roughly, there are at the moment over 200 workers serving on duty and 4 sets of data-printing inkjet machines for the ongoing programmes (including 2 sets of UV inkjet machines, which cater for the needs of printing large-size code). Typically, the single inkjet head can spurt code in max size of 5.5mm x 5.5mm, and there are 8 inkjet heads and more in a machine, which make efficient produce pin number scratch cards.

Core Competance from RICH COLOR

Rich Color - rfid card supplier is equipped with three-dimension mode of production operation in line with the standard of printing industry and scratch card industry. Rich Color manages to  incorporate the the low cost production strategy into its operation. By ways of controlling each process of production strictly, Rich Color actually strikes balance between the cost and quality of product.


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