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All-service, secure, advanced, high-quality, authorized, experienced

We offer security protection craftwork for anti fraud


We offer expectant material options - both normal and abnormal available

• Paper weight: 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm, 500gsm, etc

• Paper thickness: 0.3mm, 0.38mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.76mm, etc

• Paper stock: matte, glossy, uncoated, coated, kraft, linen, pearl, soft touch, natural textured, etc

• Substrate material: coated paper, plastic(PVC), etc

• Card shape: rounded corner, square, slim, etc


We have an advanced inkjet printing system

• In order to challenge the large quantity of everyday scratch cards ordered, for example rechargeable phone cards, RIch Color has been installed with 3 streamlines of UV inkjet printing system, the cutting edge one in the realm of scratch card industry, since they can print data faster than other water ink inkjet machine does. We are quite proud of the powerful machines.

• The data printed on paper or plastic vary in numerical, texts, characters, bar code, QR code, and so on. Data can be printed at one time better than other machines do. Most importantly, the UV inkjet machine can control its error rate within a lowest scope. Actually we haven't almost recieved complaints from our customers about data deffect over the past several years, which turns into our profound advantage in data printing process.


We promise excellent quality examing processes

• Our workflow is under careful operation supervision to maintain all conditions in good. Workers have to be trained and scrutinized before they are placed on post. After machines are set to turn on, workers function against the rule and regulation. Nothing can be done out of standard to ensure the integrity of the working principles. On a regular base, machines are checked and workers are retrained. Managers should overhaul themselves to improve the daily job and make perfect efforts to solve problems. Naturally, our team should examine the processing quality in case of the accident and deffect. We accept the internal and external audits and commit to make a better place for good products to come out.
• We have strict processing procedure from inkjet to lamination to package. We are using silk screen, offset printing, variable data printing and plastic shrink pakaging, together with clients to put a solution up.


We have passed the authentication and authorization


• ISO 9001
• ISO14001


We have adequate and rich production experience


• From our history, we are born in the domestic market as a potential supplier to the massive buyers and wholesalers. We try to do everything to meet the needs of clients. Experienced designers are ready and different designs are for free. Workers are dedicated to concentrating the finishing details as well as the long-distance delivering, which our partners praise a lot and recommend us to the latent clients. You can see the PRODUCTS here. Over 10 years are what we hope to be competant player on the court. We want to take up a portion of market share overseas in spite of the overwhelming difficulty and hardship.