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  • Mitre 10 New Zealand scratch off store card

Mitre 10 New Zealand scratch off store card

Cheap, cost effective, good texture, eco-friendly, scuff resistent, endurable

  • Size - small, medium, big, and any custom size
  • Weight - 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm, 400gsm, etc.
  • Thickness - 0.76mm, 0.5mm, 0.38mm, etc.
  • Shape - rectangle, square, oval, etc., sewing line for multi-pin card
  • Overprint -  screen printing, offset printing
  • Craftwork - four-color offset printing, pantone color printing, micro text, embossing text, UV text (fluorescent pattern), etc
  • Scratch Panel Options -  
    • Silver latex
    • Scratch off label
    • Holographic hot stamp or Label
  • Package
    • For standard CR80 card: individual OPP bag, 500 pcs in a box, 10 boxes in a carton
    • For multi-pin card: shrink wrap plastic bag on request


Standard cr80 card 3 3
SURFACE FINISHING:  gloss / matt / hologram lamination, UV varnish / coating
INKJECT PRINTING:  PIN number, serial number, bar code, QR code, award content (such as varied language and simple pattern available)
Store cards are ones for shop owners or shopkeepers to distribute to customers who are willing to come back again. Store cards are not money but the contained value redeemable at checkout. When you use it after picking up goods, you will get a reasonable discount and satisfaction. Art paper makes it cheap and silver latex covers its code, which ensures the safe shopping you ever meet. If you have great interest or requirement, try reaching us at Or fill in the form after clicking the enquiry button, and our account managers will reach you soon.

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