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  • Easycall IDD Scratch Calling Card
  • Standard cr80 card 5 2

Easycall IDD Scratch Calling Card

(including prepaid calling card, recharge card, award card, etc)

  • Size: Customized, according to artwork
  • Material Options:
  • PVC: 0.76mm, 0.5mm, 0.38mm
  • Printing: four-color off set printing, pantone color printing, micro text, embossing text, UV text(fluorescent pattern), etc
  • Artwork Options:
    • Surface Finishing: gross/matt/hologram lamination, full UV varnish/coated
    • Inkjet printing: Pin number,Serial number, Barcode, QR code, Award content including varied language and simple pattern available
  • Overprint:
    • Screen printing
    • Offset printing
  • Shape: • Round/right angle,or separated by sewing line for multi pin sheet
  • Packing:
    • For standard CR80 card: individual OPP bag, 500 PCS in a box, 5000 PCS in a carton
    • For multi pin card: a certain sheets in a shrink wrap plastic bag as per request


Standard cr80 card 5 3
Standard cr80 card 5 4
Standard cr80 card 5 5
Standard cr80 card 5 6
Standard cr80 card 5 7
Standard cr80 card 5 8
Standard cr80 card 5 9
Standard cr80 card 5 10

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